Reinventing technical training to support the complete learning process

Reinventing technical training to support the complete learning processReinventing technical training to support the complete learning process

Get more from your investments in business intelligence and analytics

don't be overwhelmed by big data and advances in analytics

Our industry moves quickly. Is your organization keeping up?

Look, don't be overwhelmed by the breakneck pace of change.   Get the fundamentals done right, and build a foundation for growth. 

If empowering your stakeholders to transform your organization consists of just-in-case training "events", then you are ready to try something different that will have a lasting impact.

Learning campaigns build a culture of continuous learning at your organization.

Contact us today for a free assessment and we'll deliver a thorough, results-focused, and unbiased analysis of your team's current vs. desired capabilities

Why Intelalytics?

Intelligence First

This is our philosophy - our guiding principle. 

Business Intelligence and Analytics have a long history of sub-standard outcomes. 


The traditional approach to training and supporting our key stakeholders to use new tools is failing. Long-term knowledge retention rates are miserable.

Without widespread adoption and expansion of use, we'll never realize the potential value of our investments.

At Intelalytics, every engagement is custom-tailored to meet your unique needs. We start with in-depth analysis of your business objectives and desired outcomes - predetermined course curricula and delivery schedules are rarely the right fit for all members of the target audience. Intelalytics learning campaigns are different. 

Our unique ability to blend standard curricula with custom content; instructor-led classroom with e-learning; and consultative mentoring will deliver the results you have been looking for all these years.

Before you embark on another painful BI tool migration, contact us to discover the hidden value in your existing investments. We are experts in exploiting that hidden value by closing knowledge and consumption gaps


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