About Intelalytics


The need for change

Why do so many business intelligence and analytics initiatives fail to deliver on their potential?  We need a new approach to technical training that focuses on the long-term enablement of all key constituents.  The Intelalytics methodology instills a culture of learning by delivering durable and adaptable learning solutions. What differentiates us from other training providers is our approach and dedication to the success of all types of learners throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.


Forged by experience

Founded in 2019 by Albert Valdez, III, Intelalytics is the culmination of over 20 years of experience facilitating technical learning toward the goal of more data-driven decisions.  Interacting with thousands of constituents from hundreds of companies has provided crucial insights into what does - and what does NOT work.  With new technology and a better understanding of how to engage and instill a culture of continuous learning, it is time to take advantage of this wealth of wisdom and empower your users.  Albert has current certifications in IBM Cognos Analytics and a lifetime Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) designation from CompTIA.


OK, so how do we do this?

Start by aligning the learning campaign with the original goals of your business intelligence and analytics initiatives.  Learning new skills is disruptive, and by definition will change how our constituents do their jobs.  The value of the solution must drive the design of the campaign.  All skills must be taught in a relevant context and result in tangible outputs.  Our collaborative approach infuses credibility and relevance into the content.  Modern technology and creative, culture-shifting methods ensure a durable solution that will increase user adoption and elevate the profile of your project.

Join the revolution

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