BI Knowledge Assessment

Discover and Connect

There is a reason why the first two of our six steps to building a culture of continuous learning are all about knowing our audience.  This process of discovery and connection will provide invaluable insights into who our audience is, what they want, how they learn, what they need to learn, as well as potential organizational barriers to success.  

Implementing a learning campaign is always about more than just filling knowledge gaps through traditional training methods.  Today's audience expects and deserves support on their learning journey every step of the way, and in modalities that make them more productive and deliver results when and where they are needed.  Additionally, effective assessments will expose ancillary issues that impact our chances of success.  These can include a lack of trust in underlying data sources; insufficiency of available data; infrastructure or other technical obstacles; as well as cultural impediments such as misalignment of objectives between the target audience and the implementation team.  Any one of these can act as an anchor, holding us back even if we ace all of the other activities that follow.  

How we solve it

Our approach includes several methods which provide us the necessary insights to develop the right learning campaign that doesn't leave anything to chance.  Surveys, Interviews , and Observations are some of the tools we use.