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IBM Cognos Analytics Solutions

Looking for Cognos Training?  Need help developing solutions on your IBM Cognos 10 BI or Cognos Analytics 11 platforms, and can't wait on building a team of specialists with narrow skill sets?  We are seasoned professionals whose data fluency will unleash the value of your Cognos investment.

Experience Matters

Benefits of working with experts

Intelalytics brings a wealth of bona-fide expert experience to your IBM Cognos project.  Whether you are a new adopter of the platform, or if you have years (dare we say decades) of experience with the platform, engaging with true experts is an opportunity to improve your Cognos ROI.  Think about your original vision of how business intelligence and analytics would transform your business.  Have you achieved all of those lofty goals?  

One of the most sensitive topics in our industry is the fact that most of these initiatives do not deliver to their full potential.  Why?  There are certainly too many factors to list here, but we know the most common are:

  • Deployment of BI/Analytics tools as a technology solution to a business problem
  • Lack of adequate support for the key team members directly impacted by implementation
  • Deploying BI/Analytics in silos or on a faulty data architecture 
  • Focus on outputs vs. outcomes
  • Using the wrong tool for the job

How do we address these issues, and what differentiates us from the others?  

Our approach to solutions is always focused on achieving business value.  Any consultant can deliver data models, reports, and dashboards.  An expert partner will first take a step back and assess whether or not another report or dashboard is what is really needed.  Intelalytics lives the philosophy of Intelligence First, and the first step in problem-solving is to clearly define the problem.  In the world of BI and Analytics, simply developing and delivering more content can't be the end goal.  The success of our partnership will be measured by how our deliverables impact your business' bottom line.  

We do this by following a careful methodology that assesses the readiness of all stakeholders, and builds buy-in and commitment to change at all levels of the organization.  IT-driven projects are a thing of the past.  We need to partner with IT as enablers of solutions, but real impact happens in the line of business.  Without appropriate direction and support from LoB management and a realistic investment in the development of key contributors, your project is doomed.  So, how does an expert partner change the game?

Experts look at problems from many perspectives.  Reports are running slowly - do we just hunker down and crank hours and hours to optimize the report itself?  Could there be an architectural flaw that is the root cause of poor performance?  How would a report development jockey know where to look for this potential issue?  Our team understands the importance of all the moving parts in today's complex environments.  A holistic perspective and diverse set of skills are what it takes to understand, define, and resolve complex challenges in this business.  Our depth of experience with IBM Cognos combined with that holistic perspective sets us apart as problem-solvers first, and technicians second.  

In the above list, which factor(s) do you think are holding you back?  Does your current partner understand those challenges - do they have a plan for how to address them?  If you're looking for a different approach that focuses on value, click the Get Started button to get in touch with an IBM Cognos expert.  Let's build a partnership that delivers on that original vision, it's not too late.

Our Specialties

  • End-user and Developer Training and Enablement via ABC's of Technical Training
  • Flexible Mentoring & Consultative Services 
  • Cognos Platform Topology
  • Analytics Maturity Roadmap
  • Cognos System Performance Tuning
  • Architecture and Infrastructure Assessment
  • Self-Service and New Feature Adoption