Conditional Techniques in IBM Cognos Reporting (1 day)

Course Description

There are numerous ways to take advantage of conditional authoring features in the IBM Cognos reporting tool (Report Studio in versions 10 and earlier, Reporting in Cognos Analytics 11 and beyond). Some of these features are data-driven, meaning they require creative conditional logic embedded in query expressions. Others are built into layout object properties and require an intimate knowledge of the available features as well as expressive techniques, such as parameterization and variable expressions.

This one day course will focus on the most commonly-used features and techniques that you will encounter in a wide variety of report development projects. In fact, it is our experience that although some of the content may be considered advanced, we consider them to be fundamental for any professional report developer. Don’t leave home without them!

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Course Overview:

1. Conditional Query Logic

   a. If…then…else and case expression overview

   b. Conditionalizing measure values

   c. Filling missing values on charts and crosstabs

2. Conditional Layout Objects

   a. Which objects have conditional features

   b. The all-powerful conditional block  

   c. Conditional formatting; basic and advanced

   d. Variable expressions and parameters

   e. Conditional prompting

3. Advanced Crosstab Design

   a. Stacking conditional calculated values

   b. Conditionally hiding/showing rows and columns

4. Capstone Exercise

   a. The entire course will be conducted as a step-wise solution to building a highly conditionalized report, applying each skill hands-on