Upcoming Events

Dec. 6, 11am-11:30am PDT: Expand the reach of the IBM Cognos platform beyond traditional audiences

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Personal Data and Data Modules Flip the Script and Put the Analyst in Charge 

  • Leverage your IBM Cognos skills across any number or type of sources
  • See how Data Modules and a basic understanding of data modeling empower true self-service analytics
  • Understand the differences between Data Modules and Framework Manager

Dec. 20, 11am-11:30am PDT: Enable and encourage data experimentation to derive additional insights

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Exploration and Augmented Intelligence 

  • What does this ground-breaking new capability REALLY do?
  • Examine some realistic use cases
  • Understand how it all fits together

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We will be utilizing a number of different engagement modalities, mostly live events such as webinars, livestreaming, and in-person workshops. In following with our philosophy of durable learning resources, all knowledge will also be made available via blog posts, white papers, etc.

From our November 1, 2019 event:

How Report Consumption and Authoring has Evolved     

  • Self-service data exploration as a consumer     
  • Breaking down the wall between consumers and authors     
  • Ease of design realized 

From our November 15, 2019 event:

Dashboards and Stories Eliminate Barriers to Adoption and Bring Presentations to Life 

  • Build visually-appealing dashboards from any source in seconds
  • Understand how and why dashboards and reports are different (and a cool tip on how to integrate the two)
  • Stories can replace traditional presentation tools and eliminate manual processes with LIVE data