Covid-19 & Cognos Podcast with Cresco International

Boost Productivity with Interactive Data Slideshows

Cognos Analytics makes it easy to visualize critical data and eliminate manual work

See how easy it is to ingest publicly-available data, construct visually-appealing dashboards, and build an animated slideshow directly inside of your existing IBM Cognos Analytics environment. 

Upcoming Events

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We will be utilizing a number of different engagement modalities, mostly live events such as webinars, livestreaming, and in-person workshops. In following with our philosophy of durable learning resources, all knowledge will also be made available via blog posts, white papers, etc.

From our November 1, 2019 event:

How Report Consumption and Authoring has Evolved     

  • Self-service data exploration as a consumer     
  • Breaking down the wall between consumers and authors     
  • Ease of design realized 

From our November 15, 2019 event:

Dashboards and Stories Eliminate Barriers to Adoption and Bring Presentations to Life 

  • Build visually-appealing dashboards from any source in seconds
  • Understand how and why dashboards and reports are different (and a cool tip on how to integrate the two)
  • Stories can replace traditional presentation tools and eliminate manual processes with LIVE data

From our December 20, 2019 event:

Enable and encourage data experimentation to derive additional insights

 Exploration and Augmented Intelligence 

  • What does this ground-breaking new capability REALLY do?
  • Examine some realistic use cases
  • Understand how it all fits together