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How Self-Service Visualization Compliments Traditional BI

For years we have been helping clients navigate the increasingly crowded business intelligence realities at their organizations.  Users do not accept limitations inherent in any single BI tool.  Self-service and speed to decision are top priorities, and Tableau delivers at the point of impact.  However, empowering constituents with tools is only one of our responsibilities.

Intelalytics brings a unique perspective that most technology-centric partners lack.  Our primary focus is on empowering and supporting key users to deliver on your analytics vision.  Those users need access to the right tools for the different jobs they need to do every day.  Legacy BI tools tend to have strengths in areas such as operational reporting and highly-governed and centralized information delivery.  But, the scope of modern-day analysis goes beyond those capabilities.  Every use case must be evaluated with an open perspective in order to identify the best tool to attack the problem.   

We have seen too many cases of organizations having unrealistic expectations of what any one BI tool can do.  Remember, the success of your BI and Analytics initiative is not nearly as dependent on technology choices as it is on how we support the impacted users and empower them to embody the transformation that we are aiming for.  This means understanding their needs, preferences, and biases.  Then we can design tailored success plans that include the right tools along with the appropriate enablement resources.

Finally, our broader perspective means that we never lose sight of potential long-term architecture and infrastructure risks.  Bi-modal implementations have the key benefit of offering visibility into a wide variety of source data.  Experimental data discovery can unearth hidden insights in decentralized sources, creating opportunities to expand the use of analytics tools into new areas - which is great!  How to manage this is not something most organizations are ready for.  It's OK to ask for help!

Our approach to solutions is always focused on achieving business value.  Any consultant can deliver data models, reports, and dashboards.  An expert partner will first take a step back and assess whether or not another report or dashboard is what is really needed.  Intelalytics lives the philosophy of Intelligence First, and the first step in problem-solving is to clearly define the problem.  In the world of BI and Analytics, simply developing and delivering more content can't be the end goal.  The success of our partnership will be measured by how our deliverables impact your business' bottom line.  

We do this by following a careful methodology that assesses the readiness of all stakeholders, and builds buy-in and commitment to change at all levels of the organization.  IT-driven projects are a thing of the past.  We need to partner with IT as enablers of solutions, but real impact happens in the line of business.  Without appropriate direction and support from LoB management and a realistic investment in the development of key contributors, your project is doomed.  

Our Specialties

  • End-user and Developer Enablement via ABC's of Technical Training
  • Flexible Mentoring & Consultative Services 
  • Right tool assessment for bi-modal environments
  • Analytics architecture review